GP AAA Recyko+ Pro 650mAh Carded 2

GP Batteries
RRP £3.99
1 box contains 15 cards of 2 cells


New Targeted Packaging

GP's research has found that many consumers have no idea of which capacity rechargeable battery is most suitable for their device and have addressed this with this “Application-centric” packaging which focuses more on the application in which the battery is used rather than on the mAh of the battery

  • Medium capacity AAA 650mAh rechargeable battery
  • Two batteries per pack
  • Available with clip strip if required
  • Suggest placement alongside the DECT Cordless Telephones display areas
  • Ready to Use Technology

Best for: Cordless Phones

Help boost sales by purchasing a counter unit point of sale display stand to display these and up to 9 different GP battery carded lines.

Part of the new recyko range

Old PowerQuick SKU - GPB1177