GP AA Recyko+ Pro 2000mAh Carded 4 with Free Charger

GP Batteries
RRP £9.99
1 box contains 20 chargers of 1


Charger supplied 100% free by GP, price is the same as the standard ReCyko+ Pro AA Carded 4

This product features on GP's latest TV advert you can view the advert here


  • 4 Slots AA/AAA
  • USB Compatible
  • Overnight Charging
  • 2 Channels
  • LED to indicate on/off
  • Supplies with 4x Recyko+ Pro AA Batteries
  • Net cost will match a pack of 4x Recyko+ Pro batteries, making the charger free!

Part of the new recyko range

Old PowerQuick SKU - GPB1174