GP AA Lithium Carded 4

GP Batteries
RRP £7.49
1 box contains 10 cards of 4 cells



Lithium AA is the longest lasting AA size primary battery in the GP Batteries portfolio. It gives the best performance in all power hungry devices, by providing high power output and long lasting energy. It is 40% lighter than the equivalent alkaline battery and functions much better than an alkaline battery in extreme weather conditions. Lithium AA batteries are ideal for those people carrying devices for outdoor pursuits.


  • Best for powerhungry devices, particularly those used in medical and professional applications
  • 40% lighter than the equivalent alkaline battery
  • Performs better than alkaline in extreme weather conditions (-40 to 60 degrees)
  • Long shelf life of 10 years
  • Built-in short-circuit protection#

Old PowerQuick SKU - GPB1021