GP 9v CRV9 Lithium Carded 1

GP Batteries
RRP £8.99
1 box contains 10 cards of 1 cell


A number of countries have now implemented legislation governing how long smoke detectors have to remain maintenance free, in response to this GP Batteries have introduced the primary lithium CRV9 battery.


In the ionisation type smoke detector, it can provide a 10 year service life. In others, it can last up to 5 times longer than standard alkaline batteries.


The spiral cell construction of GPs CRV9v gives it higher power and lower internal resistance than other competitors. It has a built in safety device to protect from external short circuit (most competitors don’t have this feature). Excellent performance at low temperatures and a better discharge.

Environmentally friendlier than competitors, due to GPs chemical construction.


Old PowerQuick SKU - GPB1567


GP's Primary lithium 9v battery lasts upto 5x longer than standard Alkaline batteries.