Energizer AA 2300mAh Carded 4

RRP £14.00
1 box contains 12 cards of 4 cells


Energizer Always Ready Rechargeable

Delivers equal power than a AA 2650mAh battery ad longer charge retention and more life cycles than a AA 2450mAh

This product replaces the Energizer AA 2450mAh standard rechargeable

They can be recharged to full power at any time using a broad range of chargers – including our family charger, compact charger and ultra fast charger. Since the cells are rechargeable up to 1000 times, they're a good economic and environmental choice.

It makes them ideal in high drain devices such as portable CD players, MP3 players, remote controlled toys, hand-held games, palmtop computers or any time you want to replace your standard batteries in your household’s battery operated devices when you use them a lot.

Replacement for:  15A, 15AC, 4006, 815, AA, AM3, E91, KAA, LR6, MIGNON, MN1500, ND62S, STILO

Old PowerQuick SKU - ENE5270