Energizer 9v Ultimate Lithium Carded 1

RRP £7.00
1 box contains 12 cards of 1 cell


Energizer Lithium 9v Pack of 1

Introducing Energizer Ultimate Lithium, the most technologically advanced battery, for consumers who want a battery that offers the best performance.

Energizer Ultimate Lithium is ideal for smoke alarms, lasting 65% longer than alkaline 9v, also with a 10 year shelf life

Energizer Ultimate Lithium can help your device work for longer, operate and perform better and keep running even in cold temperatures. It is also 1/3 lighter than an alkaline battery – great for when you are using portable devices.

Replacement for: 1604AU, 6LR61, X22, PP3, 9v

Old PowerQuick SKU - ENE5295