Energizer 9v 175mAh Carded 1

RRP £12.00
1 box contains 6 cards of 1 cell


NiMH block size cell battery size PP3 9V rated at 175mAh. They can be recharged to full power at any time using a broad range of chargers, these cells do not suffer from any memory effect, so there is no need to fully discharge before charging. Since the cells are rechargeable up to 1000 times, they're a good economic and environmental choice.

NiMH technology makes them ideal in high drain devices such as flashlights, torches, door bells, remote controlled toy etc.

Replacement for: 1604, 1604A, 1604AC, 4022, 522, 6AM6, 6F22, 6LR61, 9V, 9VOLT, A1604, BLOC, CLR6, K9V, KA9, LR22, MN1604, ND65V, PP3

Old PowerQuick SKU - ENE5105